Rosenfarb LLC is a firm of leading forensic accounting, valuation and economic professionals that offers financial expertise in litigation, valuation, and investigation to the legal, business, and not-for-profit communities.

Selecting an expert can be fraught with challenges. Experts that are experienced with the litigation process are an asset to the litigator – they create solutions, rather than problems. Experienced experts are sensitive to meeting deadlines. Experts that are aware of the priorities of the judicial system avoid complexity and confusion. To conform to these attributes, Rosenfarb developed and consistently employs a unique solution – The Rosenfarb ResolveSM.

  1. Rosenfarb’s professionals exhibit analytic agility and rigorous rationale to generate compelling conclusions. Our experts add value that results in successful assignments, which earns the continued trust of our esteemed clients and colleagues.
  2. Our unparalleled responsiveness and our unique ability and desire to compel by condensing and clarifying complexity, are the “wow” factor our clients have come to recognize.
  3. Enabling our clients’ success is our experience and expertise gained via the successful completion of hundreds of assignments in all major and many niche industries – ranging from the highly-sophisticated and very complicated to the less exotic matters.
  4. Our work is always communicated clearly and concisely. This is achieved by removing undefined jargon, minimizing repetition, avoiding tortured text and writing dynamically.