U.S. Court of Appeals Holds Government Was Not Required to Establish Intervening Cause in Lost Profits Case

NYCAL Offshore Development Corporation v. United States, 743 F.3d 837 (2014)
United States Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit: Decided February 20, 2014
In 1982, the federal government developed a program of selling oil and gas leases to oil companies and issued leases for oil fields off the Southern California coast.

The SEC Awards More Than $14 Million to Whistleblower

The 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (the “Act”) was established in the wake of the financial crisis in July 2010. The Act overhauled financial regulations and introduced additional consumer protections. The Security Exchange Commission’s Office of the Whistleblower (the “Office of the Whistleblower”) was established in 2011 as authorized under the Act.