“Before and After” Method Permitted for Calculating Lost Profits Caused by an Officer’s Improper Business Dealings

Advanced Nano Coatings, Inc., et al. v. Hanafin
Case No. 13-20109
United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit: Opinion Delivered February 19, 2014
On November 15, 2005, Joseph Hanafin (“Hanafin”) entered into an employment agreement with Vado AG (“Vado”). During the term of his employment, Hanafin was required to devote 100% of his professional time and effort to Vado or its subsidiary,

Damages Part 2

In our last blog, we talked about the concept of damages and how damages are calculated. This blog will spend a little time on the process of the trial, or trials.
In some liability cases, the case is bifurcated, which means “divided in 2 parts.” A bifurcated case is divided into two parts: 1) a liability phase and then 2) a damages phase.

Financial Damages – How Are They Calculated?

Most business disputes involve a business (the plaintiff), accusing another business (the defendant), of doing something wrong – wrongdoing that caused some harm. For instance – You, Defendant:

Breached our agreement. You said you were going to bring me 300 widgets per month. You only gave me 200 widgets for 3 months,